Hello and Welcome

Thanks for visiting and welcome to my blog. I haven’t really been sure what to write about, but something occurred a little over three weeks ago that has solved the problem. I broke my left ankle in three places and had to have surgery! I’m finally getting time to blog (I probably still have the time but just think I don’t). There’s nothing like having two metal plates and ten screws in your left ankle  to rethink your perspective on lots of things, such as mobility and being thankful for what you have.  Why am I waiting nearly 7 weeks into the healing process to write. My answer is that it takes about that long for the anesthesia and pain to wear off so that you can focus. I still have a little more than two weeks to go before the doctor will let me be partially weight-bearing.  While I’m more than ready to be weight bearing in some respects, I also dread it. The physical therapists tell me I’ll experience more pain!  And I’ll still be wearing a boot. I sometimes think I’ve forgotten how to walk normally!  Add to this weight gain – since I’m not very mobile and have been home from work, it’s been easy to sit around and eat – particularly the rich food that people have brought over.  All these things are more reasons for blogging!